Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Song for Pepco

Why? Oh, we could come up with about 113,000 reasons, in our county alone, as of this moment.

Get your $hit together, you big dumb corporate doofus, and get the power where it belongs: to the people. Sing it, Johnny. Click on this vid, even if you're down to the last drop of juice in your cell phone. It'll warm your heart, no matter how cold your house is:

The moms have been without power since 8 PM last night and fled the house this afternoon when the thermostat in the great room hit 56 degrees. They are in their cozy offices on campus now, enjoying warmth and functioning WiFi. They are hoping they don't have to spend another evening playing Camp Fire Girls, but, well, if they do, they'll cope. They've got plenty of wood, plenty of liquor, and a gas stove in the basement that puts out a fierce amount of heat. (Be kind, darlings -- Don't ask how cold they had to get before they remembered that useful little fact.) Happily, they've also got 21st-century reading devices that come with their own light sources. The way things are going, Moose stands a decent chance of actually finishing Jonathan Franzen's Freedom before the weekend is over.

The cause of all this mayhem? Oh, you know, three or so inches of snow. Yeah, it was nasty last night, with thundersnow and strong winds and a whole lot of frozen messiness falling from the sky, but it all stopped by midnight and roads were passable pretty early this morning. It's hard to believe Pepco can't get everybody back on line within 24 hours, but this wouldn't be the first time the national capital area was left in the dark for an unreasonable period of time.

You can kill the lights, Pepco, but you can't kill our spirits. Power to the people, power to the people, right on! Stay warm, my pretties, stay safe, and, if you've got power, for dog's sake, use it wisely. Peace out.


  1. Candy Man4:15 PM EST

    I'll put BGE on my very short list of ways Baltimore surpasses the People's Republic. It might be the singular entry, in fact... but I do appreciate my electricity on days like this.

    Sending warm thoughts and love your way.


  2. Wood and liquor? COUNT ME INNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We gave up and checked into a hotel. It was all getting a little to Dr. Zhivago for our taste. So, we thawed out, had a nice dinner, and watched the Non-Lady Terps kick the crap out of Virginia. Much better than pretending to read in the dark.

  4. That is exactly what I would have done. Nice work.

  5. GlassPen5:51 PM EST

    my power was off for 3 days last winter--the first time--and about 30 hours the second time. PEPCO response...well, don't get me started. it got into the 40s upstairs (the warm part of the house; about 10 degrees colder on the first floor). when the power finally came on, the heater blew a fuse trying to bring the house back up to temp...that took another day to schedule and complete a repair. I have nothing good to say about PEPCO.


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