Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"I am an Eater of Chips"

Dear Mr. President,

Next time you sit down with a comedian, you might want to click on this vid a few times beforehand, just to see how it's done. Yep, this gal's got some serious comic chops, Mr. President. She can sit down with a couple of Aussie snark wizards, crack 'em up with some dead-pan looks and a couple of well-timed jokes about potato chips, and probably still create world peace by dinner time. Meantime, you are -- Oh, well, never mind, sir. We know you've had a rough couple of weeks. Everybody deserves to get out of town every now and again. Anyway, that SOS of yours -- Heck, Mr. President, she's so funny we're thinking of trying to snag her for our next Intertoob cartoon sensation. We think she'd be a huge hit with our core audience of hormonally unbalanced feminazis. Would you, um, let her know we'd like to talk to her? I mean, you know, if you happen to run into her somewhere in your travels. Tell her that we, too, are eaters of chips. Big time, as a former vice president used to say.

Anyway, sir, click on the vid. You'll be glad you did. Honor bright. Oh, and if you'd like a little insight into the incredible meltdown of your presidency, click on over to our old pal Anglachel, who is suddenly blogging up a storm again, mostly upon that very subject. You may not like what you read there, but, well, the truth, like election results, may hurt sometimes. We still think it's worth knowing. Dogspeed, Mr. President. We wish you all the best.

Yours sincerely,


  1. You forgot the part about how she can be funny and warm and smart...while wearing a mustard-yellow pantsuit. It's hard to do anything wearing mustard-yellow,much less be graceful and witty. Barack really could take a few lessons from her--although I'm not sure he could rock the mustard-yellow. Watching him on Jon Stewart earlier this week made me...sad.

  2. You are so right, Mannahattamamma. I cannot believe we forgot to mention her exceptional skill in pulling off mustard yellow. That's not something we could do ourselves, so we are a little in awe. Plus, we've got some major empathy for the Prez there.

    While we are on the deeply superficial subject of appearances, though, can we go back to the hair, briefly? We really want HRC to go back to the shorter cut. I'm sorry, but I just think the longer 'do looks, um, straggly. Your thoughts?

  3. I voted for fucken Hillary and I thought she’d be a lot fucken better than Obama. Not because she’s any more progressive or liberal, but because she has a realistic understanding of how these fucken sicke-fucke insane-billionaire right-wing motherfucken slime operate, and has no illusions that her “magical bipartisan charisma” would have made a single fucken bit of difference.


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