Saturday, November 03, 2007

Canine Cultural Studies

Welcome to Roxie's World, Zippy, where dogs have been publishing the results of their studies of humans since March, 2006! Sorry we don't have time for more detailed results today, but my typist is putting the finishing touches on the big lecture she's giving next week up at Rutgers. (Check out the incredibly snazzy publicity here. Make sure you click through Roxie's "Best in Show" for a selection of my most brilliant musings on a range of topics.)

The Office of Persona Management here in Roxie's World is pretty upset with Moose for stepping out from behind the curtain to talk about my blog, but she has promised to give me all the credit. Still, OPM director Mark Twain is drinking heavily in advance of the event and has threatened to resign if Moose in any way compromises the integrity of my happy little corner of the blogosphere. We love Mark, but he is a bit of a drama queen.

Okay, kids. Gotta run. Moose needs the computer back. Peace out.


  1. SWEET publicity shot! I'm envious of your audience as I want to hear all of your probative musings. Take me with you!

  2. Anonymous9:36 PM EST

    Hrmph! Well, Roxie, this may be all well and good, and we all wish Moose-the-typist well on her trip and hope that the fine folk at Rutgers applaud her efforts and offer her in return many treats, especially the kind with peanut butter that fit in a Kong Toy. But I hope you're not going to allow her to go spreading scurrilous claptrap about the rest of us not being dogs or something.

    I mean, it raises questions of authorship and persona management that appear already to be unhinging poor Mark Twain. My precedessor, by the way and equally by an interesting coincidence was named Huckleberry. You don't know about him without you have read a book by that very same Mark Twain. . . .

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM EST

    Will they video it, and can you then post it? Although a real problem for persona management, it would provide for a nice referential loop and be a real treat of those of us who can't make it.

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM EST

    What obb said.

    Or, failing videotaping, could you get Moose to make an audiotape (tape???--well, make an audiofile) of it and make *that* available? Because we here at the House of Ironical Beagles really want to hear it.

  5. Well, the lecture is being taped, but we'll have to see what Mark Twain and the folks in OPM would have to say about making that available through Roxie's World. Oh, and I reckon the folks at Rutgers might need to be consulted, too. Moose really appreciates your interest and attention. Me, I'm thinking about sidling up to the bar beside Mr. Twain to console myself for my loss of stature. Harumph.

  6. Roxie,
    I just wanted to send along my very best wishes to you and Moose (I am assuming that she will bring you along on the trip as afterall it IS your blog). No matter where you are physically - I know that Moose will speak the truth as it is channeled through her from you. Good luck, you both remain my blogger-heros.
    Auntie Faye

  7. Don't you mean SHEros, Auntie Faye? ;-)

  8. Got me on that one, Rox =)
    Happy happy talkin' 'bout bloggin'!
    Auntie Faye


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