Saturday, March 10, 2007

Absences, Anniversaries

You've missed me, haven't you, devoted denizens of Roxie's World? I know. I've missed you, too. I sensed your restless fingers out there, pointing and clicking and pressing "reload" again and again, hoping for news on my fish, my moms, ACC basketball. I felt the waves of your affection and concern wafting through the blogosphere, as you wondered: Is Roxie's leaky heart okay? Did Moose stop typing for Roxie because she broke all ten fingers in frustration after the non-Lady Terps managed to lose another game to Miami in the ACC tournament? Did Goose awaken from her dream of fish and get the pond cleaned out, or what?

It's a long story, fans, and there's a lot I can't tell you because it involves work-related stress that the moms have said I can't discuss. Nonetheless, everything is fine in Roxie's World. All three fish are present and accounted for, though John is in a deep sleep on the bottom of the pond. Paul and George-Ringo are being a little more active, but the big guy hugs the floor and barely moves. Goose says it's because he's a poet. He's resting and gathering inspiration from the cold, dark depths of his unconscious. Whatever. I'm just surprised he's not snoring. I snore when I sleep that deeply.

March is a big month here in Roxie's World. The 8th, in addition to being International Women's Day, is the moms' anniversary, so Moose and Goose officially commemorated Twenty-Three Years of Queer Delight on Thursday. Moose celebrates her birthday later in the month, but the new anniversary on the calendar this year belongs to yours truly.

Yes, fans, this coming Monday, March 12, the best darn dog blog devoted to politics, pop culture, and basketball will celebrate its first birthday! Can you believe it? Let's celebrate!

Perhaps tomorrow we'll post a Best of Roxie's First Year in the Blogosphere list as part of the birthday party. Or maybe my loyal fans will comb their way through the archives and nominate some of their favorite posts through comments. What's your favorite? My withering critique of Notes on a Scandal? My stunningly accurate predictions about the mid-term elections? The eloquent meditation on time, age, and the body that I offered last year to celebrate the arrival of spring as my moms and I grappled with how to manage my heart condition? You decide, gentle readers, and let us know. In the meantime, we thank you for your devotion. Without you, I'd just be an old dog with two crazy moms and a laptop. With you, I've got a whole world in my paws.

Peace out.


  1. Dearest Roxie,

    Since I am one of your biggest fans and best friends, and have been with you through many of the significant events of your life -- not least of which was the agonizing vigil over your near-death experience last year -- let me be the first to say:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROXIE'S WORLD BLOG!! or some such thing.

    Thank you for cheering me up on those days when worrying about global warming, resource depletion and the looming collapse of civilization really get me down. That head popping up from the couch and that little tail wagging happily as you trot down the hallway and jump up to give me a nose lick as I walk through your front door -- well, it's just hard to be hopeless at a moment like that.

    You're the best dog in the whole world.


  2. Dearest Rox -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROXIE'S WORLD!!! In one short year, you've become the official dog blogger to the Stephanie Miller Show (don't forget that post) and acquired fans from all around the world. I am so proud of you.

    And I want to nominate a post for your best-est: what about the What Would Molly Say? I love that post. And I of course love the short on in tribute to that other great Texas woman, Ann Richards, who would've loved you!

    I'm going to go play the birthday song again just to make myself laugh before brunch.

    Your Goose

  3. Happy Birthday, Roxie's World! And happy anniversary, QMs!! Here's to love, American style!

    Your bro,

    p.s. That dog video sure is creepy.

  4. Anonymous9:39 PM EDT

    Happy Birthday doggy blog! Or is that bloggy dog?

    Can we talk Women's Hoops for a moment? Whaddya think of the Terps' No. 2 seed? I was certain the Scarlet Knights would pick up a 3-seed after defeating UConn in the Big East finals, but no luck. Seems as if the only chance they'll play the Terps is if they both end up in the final!

    Hey Rox -- willya ask your Moms if they wanna make a Maryland/ Jersey bet on which team gets furthest? RU is on a collision course with the Blue (d)Evils, so they'd have to give me some good odds -- say dinner in a Jersey diner vs. some Maryland crabcakes?

    Meanwhile, good luck to you Roxie -- and to your Terps. Congrats on the anniversary!

  5. Well, dog-eared book, my moms are big fans of RU coach Vivian Stringer, but you KNOW the money in our house is on Coach B. and the Raging Sophs of Mighty Maryland. We're betting the grrls will get their swaggers back as they defend their national title, so you better get ready to take us to that diner. But who are you, dog-eared book? Oh, well, welcome to Roxie's World, and GO TERPS!! And go Rutgers, too, as long as you're not playing Maryland.

  6. I love blog dogs as much as dog blogs. Happy Birthday! Katie

  7. P.S.

    I love Dream Work myself -- recent though it is. KK

  8. Anonymous4:45 PM EDT

    A very happy anniversary, Roxie, to you and your moms!

    Dudley the Beagle

  9. Anonymous4:14 PM EDT

    Happy birthday to the Roxster!!

    With wet, sloppy kisses from your devoted fan,

    Levi the (Honky-Tonk) Beagle!!


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