Thursday, March 23, 2006

Let the Wind Blow Back Your Ears!

Newsflash: Taliban (aka LSU) beats Duke 62-54 in Sweet Sixteen! Redick held to 11 points. Rumor has it: There IS a god!

This is my moms' favorite photograph of me ever. It was taken at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia in October, 2003. I'm posting it today to celebrate good news from my doctor's appointment this morning. All the fluid has cleared from my lungs, so I'm much better than I was two weeks ago! I won't have to take quite so much Lasix, and the doctor says my moms can try feeding me Alpo since I've gotten so picky about food. (Which makes me wonder if bad food is one of the privileges of old age, but I digress.) Personally, I'd like to stay on my "goulash" diet, which is working quite well for me. Also, Moose scrambled me a couple of eggs this morning, and I enjoyed that very much as a reward for not eating before I went to the doctor. We were all so happy with the good news that we even showed the doctor my blog. He laughed and bookmarked my site!

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  1. Well this is an exciting moment for me! I've never blogged before and I incredibly thrilled to be doing it on the occasion of my pal Roxie's good report from her doctor (people call them vets). Anyway, the bad heart stuff got me kinda scared cuz i just learned about my step-grandfather having some leaky valve heart thing and i was kinda worried. Seeing how tough Roxie is has made me feel so much better. I'd like to offer my last frosty paw to you Roxie to help you celebrate and to make the Alpo go down a bit better. Big licks,


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