Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sligo Creek in the Fall

A Brief Photo Essay by Moose

(I sent the moms out for a walk on our trail today so that I could catch up on my napping and fine-tune my election predictions. Moose took her camera along on the 4-mile stroll. Sometimes she feels a little artsy-fartsy, and so we indulge her. Be kind, okay? Ansel Adams she ain't.)

View from the First Bridge:

Approaching Wayne Avenue:

The Stone Bridge:

At Sligo Creek and Maple:


  1. Eden's Innuendo11:38 AM EST

    Oh Rox,
    love Moose's photos! Thanks for the generous size of these too -- big enough to feel you can really stroll the landscape. The wet shadows among the rocks, the texture of the bark, the cool stone surface of the bridge, I felt like I could reach out and touch things all around me, and breathe in your autumn deeply. The creek photo at the top does something I play with a lot in photography -- the ability to take walks visually in places I can't actually get to or would be difficult to navigate through if I did. It is so magical ! -- I'm out there now on those Creek boulders listening to babbling streams. Thank you so much for sharing these!!

  2. Once again, EI, we blush at your praise, but we are very happy you enjoyed the virtual walk on our trail. The stone bridge is one of our favorite spots. When the moms were re-doing our house, that bridge inspired a slate bathroom that they call "Sligo Creek in the Fall." They like bringing the outdoors inside -- except when I track leaves into the house! See you (in spirit) on the trail, friend.

  3. Photos such as these make me miss the nabe!


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