Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Allons Enfants!

The moms were in line at 6:50 this morning with a couple hundred other passionate citizens of the People's Republic of Takoma Park. They were back home by 8 a.m., proudly sporting their "I Voted" stickers. Now it's off for a busy day at Queer the Turtle U before the big election watch this evening at Ishmael's, the seedy yet cozy bar around the corner from the global headquarters of RW Enterprises, LLC. See you all later, kids! Voters drink free.

Meantime, tell us about your voting experiences. Are you a happy citizen today? We hope so!


  1. How wonderful to discover you, Roxie (& moms). This is a Silver Spring cat but we love dogs & our Takoma Park neighbors. We even posted a little love note to Takoma Park the other day. Ciao-meow!

  2. I can't be the only one who wondered what your ballots looked like.

  3. Hey, Roxie. Tell your moms I waited a little more than an hour this morning in Spartanburg, SC. It was a medium-long line of patient, hopeful people, more than I've ever seen in 6 presidential elections. Lots and lots of African Americans old enough to remember (or perhaps have experienced) an age when black people risked life and limb to vote. Inspiring. Gobama!

  4. And we love cats in Roxie's World, Giulia -- I had a cat of my own when I was a wee pup. Welcome, and come back and see us again!

    Now, Eitan, you know well that the secret ballot is one of the great blessings of modern civilization. I hear even Sarah Palin wouldn't say who she voted for, but I'll tell you this: We all voted for Democrats. Actually, I bet Palin did, too -- Her first move in the '12 campaign. ;-)

    Thanks for that report from the heart of the Confederacy, GHW -- Good to see you!

  5. I have been sitting up despite illness but may have to return to bed soon. But I will periodically find out what is going on.

    My cousin Bill says on facebook that he canvased Page County VA and got a good response. This is historic.

    Love to all, Katie


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