Monday, October 13, 2008

Shut Up and Vote

From the Department of Finally It's All Clear to Me:

(Photo Credit: Picked up at Shakesville)

For some strange reason, the usually right-on-the-money Melissa McEwan included this Missouri billboard in her "Obama Racism/Muslim/Unpatriotic/Scary Black Dude Watch," but we thought it was an elegantly succinct argument in favor of Senator Obama, even if the portrait artist did get a little carried away in his depiction of the Democratic nominee's teeth. Still, we loves us some scare quotes 'round here, and the moms have been screaming for higher taxes for years. The election is three weeks from tomorrow, kids, so this billboard may be just what the gun-hatin', baby-killin', same-sex lovin' tax hikers of Roxie's World need to help them make up their minds. Stay tuned!

How're y'all doing? Sorry for the silence of the past few days. My typist has been ridiculously busy trying to finagle an extended period of time off to do nothing but sit in a chair and write, which sounds suspiciously to me like the life she already has, but what do I know? Meanwhile, out in the real world, polls are suddenly pointing toward an Obama landslide, stocks staged a monstrous rally, and Paul Krugman has won a Nobel fricking Prize.

Let us all pause for a moment and admit that life doesn't entirely suck. Change is comin', you betcha, and Roxie's World is ready for it.

(H/T to qta for inspiration on the post title. Pretty boy is ready to get this election over already!)


  1. I "AMEN!" pretty boy's "AMEN!" As Kathy Griffin once put it, "I'm so liberal that I'm for having an abortion at a gay marriage while smoking a joint."

  2. All at taxpayers' expense, of course!


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