Thursday, May 22, 2008

Never Again Would Bird's Song Be the Same

My typist can't do any work for me until she submits her grades, so go watch this goofy little vid in the meantime, which we picked up via Elizabitchez:

Oh, yeah, and go read the latest from Anglachel, the smartest grrl in the blogosphere, who sent our brains into overdrive this morning with a post that brought Rousseau, Machiavelli, and James Madison to bear on the crucial question of why Barack Obama is just annoying the hell out of us lately and inducing post-traumatic flashbacks to Florida 2000, when George Bush claimed victory just by saying so and got the media to repeat his talking points as if they were some kind of objective truth. Way to take power, baby, and who cares what those little people the voters have to say about it? Further proof that the Precious is borrowing from Bush-Rove's 2000 playbook? Word today that Obama "has quietly begun the process of searching for a partner on the Democratic ticket." How's that for a power grab? We don't need to hear from those silly voters in Puerto Rico, Montana, and South Dakota, not to mention those pesky superdelegates whose votes we'll need to secure the nomination -- technically, officially. Prediction: By week's end, some media whore will trot out the line about Michelle Obama "measuring the drapes" for her new home in the West Wing. That's the way these things go in the echo chamber.

Sigh. Like I said kids, my typist can't work for me until the grades are in. Go listen to those birds. Try not to have any post-traumatic flashbacks to the scariest movie you saw before you were ten.


  1. historiann10:42 AM EDT


    Hope you're having a good MemDay weekend. I don't know if this will make you laugh or cry, but for what it's worth:

  2. Rox- you gorgeous dog!

    I seem to have a bit of a stalker problem. (he left a comment at your I am Hillary-ish post)

    If you could help a girl out, I'd appreciate it.



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