Thursday, May 15, 2008

Don't Leave Home Without It

(From Lavender Newswire, by way of Reclusive Leftist.)

Prepare yourselves, people. It's not like this is going to get any prettier.

Question 1: Is John Edwards, who finally endorsed Obama last night, angling to be VP, attorney-general, or under secretary for pretty nobodies desperately aching to get back in the game?

Question 2: Did Elizabeth stay home in Raleigh last night to make a political statement, or was she just determined not to miss Top Chef? (NYT suggests it was a political absence, noting that "the Edwardses were said to be split on the endorsement, with Mrs. Edwards said to favor Mrs. Clinton because of her preference for parts of the Clinton health care plan.")

Question 3: What is the precise temperature at which blood boils? We ask because we think we got close to it yesterday when we read news that NARAL was endorsing Obama over a woman who has been a front-line fighter for women's reproductive health and freedom for decades. Way to hang a sister out to dry, NARAL. Join the chorus of negative comments on the organization's blog.

Keep your pocket guides with you at all times, kids. You never know when you might encounter an Obamaniac in the throes of Attack/Gloat Mode, so, like any good scout, you have to be prepared. Be ready, be safe, stay strong.


  1. Dearest Rox,

    Love, love, LOVE the Pocket Guide. It's just too funny. . .and sad.

    Methinks much blood has been boiling for the past 24 hrs. I've learned that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-FL, who's apparently quite an up-and-coming Congresswoman and major fundraiser, has been esp. forceful in leading protests about NARAL. See:

    For those who would like to thank her for her leadership, you can go to her Contact Me page:

    In solidarity,
    Your Goose

  2. i was shocked too.

    Obama has a half assed record on abortion and women's rights at best, comparatively speaking. yes, i agree w/ a lot of the world that the NARAL announcement wasn't exactly "anti Clinton", but they spun it as if Obama were this great hope of repro justice. he's not. not if you look at what Clinton has accomplished in the name of women.


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