Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Right-Wing Satan Girls

Moose took me in to the vet today for a quick blood test to check on the diabetes possibility, but enough about me and my woes; let's get back to politics.

While I've been sick, a group of women whom I like to call the Right-Wing Satan Girls has been very, very busy doing their usual nasty toxic stuff in the name of their cause--which is, of course, promoting themselves. Who do I have in mind when I invoke the phrase "Right-Wing Satan Girls"? Oh, gosh, it's such a long list, headed by Satan's queen herself, Laura Bush. It's no wonder to me that Mrs. Bush is a closet smoker and drinker of bourbon. Being considerably smarter than her husband, she no doubt needs to anesthetize herself in order to go on about the business of promoting and defending the many acts of duplicity and incompetence perpetrated by his administration. My moms love it when they do things like send her off to Afghanistan to pretend that the war there was all about liberating Afghani women or stand her up at the Republican convention to paint quaint little domestic tableaus of an engaged leader reluctantly leading the nation into war. Fortunately, her sugary sweet image gets deservedly demolished every day out in the rough-and-tumble world of the internets. Check out what America's best Christian, Betty Bowers, has to say about Mrs. Bush, for example. She has an extensive collection of interviews and features related to the First Lady, including her invaluable tips on raising Christian young ladies when "you only have twenty minutes and two shot glasses." Another great resource along these lines are the wise guys (and gals) at White House.org, which also has a wickedly witty set of First Lady links. We at Roxie's World think she deserves everything she gets in the way of parody. Just think of all the Iraqi women who have been "liberated" to death by the violence unleashed in the course of her husband's unnecessary war.

Like I said, though, there are a lot of Right-Wing Satan Girls out there, women who have sold their souls to a mean-spirited conservatism that is eroding women's rights and civil rights while systematically redistributing wealth upward. Not to mention ruining America's reputation in the eyes of the world. Oh, yeah, and destroying the planet by feeding our addiction to fossil fuels. My favorite Satan Girl is Ann Coulter, who is famous for nothing but spewing a lot of toxic waste about liberals and liberalism. Progressive radio talk goddess Stephanie Miller always refers to Coulter as "noted transsexual plagiarist Ann Coulter," which makes Moose laugh and feel slightly guilty because she doesn't approve of mocking or insulting transsexuals. She decided it was okay to laugh when she realized that Coulter was the butt of the joke. As an English professor, she is deeply opposed to plagiarism, and Coulter has been accused for years of stealing words and ideas from others and passing them off as her own. The Satan-Coulter link is nicely literalized in this bit from Huffington Post's Contagious Festival.

Actually, the Contagious Festival is a treasure trove of brilliant send-ups of Right-Wing Satan Girls. See also the fabulous "Who Will Cry for Mary Cheney?" as well as the pants-wetting "Rejected Katherine Harris Campaign Video." What are these girls thinking? What motivates them to embrace all these awful ideas, not to mention the truly hideous hairstyles? And more importantly, who are your favorite Right-Wing Satan Girls, and where are they getting trashed out on the internets? Roxie's World wants to know.

We ain't dead yet, and the blogosphere has gone to the dogs, so keep barking and stay in touch.

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  1. You are SO right, dear sis! I've always considered Coulter to be an apostate advocating Satanism and abject fashion. Her voice raises the hackles on my neck!


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